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Project Manager

"I am a machinist by trade and now the VP of Manufacturing and Operations at Winterville Machine works with 31 years of service.
I take care of quoting job shop work and some production work. I work to consult with customers on job shop work, usually being one of a kind parts, on the best way to fix the part at hand. I will advise you if a part can be repaired or if it would better to remake the part. Whichever is more beneficial to you. If I need to go on site to look at work I am always willing to do that so we can help you get up and running. I help with maintenance, safety and new construction projects at our facility. I am in constant contact with employees throughout the entire facility daily. I make sure jobs are getting through the shop to meet your needs.
I always want to be fair to ours customers and also fair to Winterville Machine Works!
My motto is if we can get it through the door we will do all we can to complete the job."

WMW At-A-Glance

ISO 9000 Certified
  • Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop and Plating Shop in one location. 
  • Download ISO Certificate Here
  • Complete ERP control system in use to ensure quality and on-time performance
  • Family-owned business supporting the American economy
Our personnel are highly trained and work to very close tolerances specified by today's customers. We are familiar working with stainless steel, monel, magnesium, tool steels, cold roll steel, aluminum, aluminum bronze, cast irons, brass, ductile iron, and steel castings.

Also, available in our shop is equipment for building up surfaces by spraying, steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and ceramics.

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