About Us

Our Mission

WMW will find innovative ways to be more competitive, healthy, and sustainable against low-cost country providers.

WMW will train, guide and prepare our current workforce and the next generation for US manufacturing, as well as sustain and enhance the lives of our surrounding communities.

We will lead the US in winning against Low Cost Country Manufacturers.

The Leadership Team

Our hard working staff come together as a team to create both efficient and accurate production. Every employee here plays a role in our finished products and we are proud to call each of them part of the Winterville Machine Works family.

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Our Facility

Our buildings totaling over 80,000+ sq ft are equipped with the best in machines and staff to take on your job.

Winterville Machine Works’ management and employees contribute to a safe, modern and family-friendly environment, working to do their jobs right the first time and looking for ways to continually improve.

Our facility is located on the same spot our opening in 1957 and continues to grow and receive renovations and upgrades to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our History

Winterville Machine Works excels in producing special machine assemblies and parts that other shops simply cannot deliver. Beginning in 1957 with its first client, DuPont, the Company has a history of successfully servicing the needs of the most demanding Fortune 500 manufacturers.

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