WMW’s role in servicing its customers extends beyond simply manufacturing of OEM products. WMW has the proven capability and aptitude to assist clients with design and development of prototype work, to make very complex designs doable, at scale.
Many of our customers employ WMW to supply OEM parts update their equipment designs regularly– on cycles ranging from two to five years. These customers are involved in constant efforts to better their product offering, which often means a total re-design of the equipment. The process for these major clients starts with the contracting of WMW to quote and design prototype work for the equipment re-designs.
For an extended period of time, up to a year, WMW’s team of manufacturing engineers work closely with its client’s engineers to design and manufacture the prototype using CAD software. Once the prototype is complete, the client does extensive “runoff” testing, for an extended period of time (at least one year), to ensure that the equipment re-design is ready for sale in the marketplace and practical use in client companies’ industries.
Once the re-design is official, and the product is deemed as ready for full production, WMW is then contracted to manufacture component parts for the implementation and assembly in the customers’ new finished products.


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