Our History

WMW Philosophy

Winterville Machine Works was established in 1957 with a foundation based on exceeding customer expectations and treating our employs like family. WMW has evolved to becoming a leading high production manufacturer of small to very large assemblies with complex geometric designs at very tight tolerances. WMW empowers buyers & engineers of high marquis OEM manufacturers across several industries to obtain high-quality manufactured products that exceed quality, timing & cost expectations, while avoiding product failure rates with manufacturing complex designs.


WMW Holds True to Values & Commitment to Excellence For Over 60 Years

WMW has developed and continues to offer proven manufacturing process engineering services, state of the art CNC & fabrication machinery, quality controls, processes & safety protocols. Over 100 OEM manufacturers, both big and small, throughout the past 60 years, have counted on WMW’s team of design manufacturing engineers to be with them every step of the way, from concept to prototyping to high production manufacturing. Beginning in 1957 with its first client, DuPont, the Company has a history of successfully servicing the needs of the most demanding Fortune 500 manufacturers. The tradition of quality service is based on the merits of skilled, long-term employees, many with 20 – 30 years experience, and the commitment to continually upgrade production equipment. Today’s close-knit company is capable of handling your machining and turnkey jobs, whether simple or complicated. Our in-house capabilities for fabricating, machining and plating all within one plant enable us to deliver with the best lead-times, superior quality and competitive pricing.

Change of Ownership

In 2021, Winterville Machine Works became part of the Trivor Industrial Group (TIG). TIG’s mission is to build a portfolio of established component manufacturing companies to support much-needed US infrastructure upgrade. We ensure the acquired businesses & their brand/legacy remain completely autonomous while TIG helps them achieve their true potential by investing in people, processes, and products so that they can participate in US infrastructure reinvigoration journey competitively. 

Humble Beginnings

On January 17, 1957, Winterville Machine Works, Inc. was incorporated and launched with $22,500 of startup capital. The five founders decided to open Winterville Machine Works as a local Machine Shop, servicing conventional job shop orders, repairs, and small production jobs. With the exception of Runkle, the founders took a large risk in quitting their full time positions at DuPont. Runkle continued to work and manage DuPont’s Machine Shop, which gave Winterville Machine Works its first customer with consistent cash flow.

In the early years, most of Winterville Machine Works’ business was local and within North Carolina. The Company furnished a good living for the owners’ families and employed many local employees from the Winterville job market. Profits were reinvested, putting the growth and development of the company as the top priority. In 1966, the Company implemented Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology and began to get ahead of competitors, leveraging the capabilities of CNC automation.

As time progressed, so did Winterville Machine works. The Company continued to be dynamic and innovative with its business model, expanding in the range of products and services it provides. In the late 1960s, after the implementation of CNC, the Company decided to add a second component to its range of services—electroplating for machine parts. The ownership realized that this service offering was unique to the Company’s particular segment of the market, as most competitors did not offer in-house electroplating for manufactured parts, and would further differentiate themselves from competitors, while adding revenue. In 1986, Winterville Machine Works added a third component to its service offering—Marine Fabrication. Since that time, the Company has established itself as a distinguished Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier to major boat manufacturers.

Today, WMW excels in all segments of its service offering manufacturing of small and large OEM component parts, special machines, machine assemblies, and spare parts for machines. The company applies its experience and talent in metalworking and fabrication to help client companies achieve product development objectives. Further, in efforts to operate at the utmost quality and potential, Winterville Machine Works achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2006, an international recognition for high quality service, operation, and customer focus in business-to-business commerce. Today’s Winterville Machine Works is capable of handling all machining and turnkey jobs, whether simple or complicated. Its in-house capabilities for fabricating, machining, and plating, all within one plant, enables WMW to deliver products with less lead time, greater quality, and more cost control.

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