Quality Overview

Every project at Winterville Machine Works goes through a rigorous process of quality inspection.  WMW continues to invest in quality equipment and state of the art technology to ensure our customers’ product conforms to the drawing specification and meets all industry requirements.


Nikon Metrology LK V CMM – Table Size 12′ X 9′

Equipment Description

1-Nikon Metrology LK V High Accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine - Table Size 12' X 9' - Measurement Range X 6 feet - Y 8 feet - Z 5 feet


Sheffield Discovery D-8 CMM – Table Size 25 1/2 X 22″

Equipment Description

1-Sheffield Discovery D-8 CMM - Table Size 25 1/2 X 22"-Measurement Ranges X 20 inches - Y 24 inches - Z 16 inches

Additionally, WMW has demonstrated a commitment to exceeding customer expectations through the creation and adherence to an ISO Certified Quality system. This way, our quality system encompasses all aspects of the manufacturing process from receipt and confirmation of your order to production and delivery of your machined components.